Empower Your Rowing Performance with Cutting-Edge Sensor Technology 

The most important data is invisible.

We measure essentials what You can't see. Force and stroke angles, providing POWER (in WATTS). 

With feedback what we provide can achieve the best results.

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At RowTech Solutions, we've developed cutting-edge sensor technology to address rowers' challenges in measuring and visualizing force and stroke angles. Our sensors provide real-time, accurate data, empowering rowers to optimize training and achieve peak performance. Here's how we add value:

Precision Measurements: Our sensors deliver precise force and stroke angle measurements, enabling data-driven performance improvements.

Enhanced Training Effectiveness: With real-time feedback, rowers can monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and track performance over time.

Cost-Effective Solution: Our sensors offer accuracy without the hefty price tag of traditional systems, making them accessible to rowers at all levels.

Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrating with existing rowing equipment, our sensors eliminate the need for costly upgrades, ensuring convenience for users.

Advanced Technology: Leveraging smartphone apps and cloud services, our system delivers data directly to athletes, anytime, anywhere.

Coach Connectivity: Coaches can remotely monitor data through our platform, offering personalized feedback and performance tracking.

With RowTech, athletes and coaches can unlock data-driven insights to dominate the competition.

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Said about us

"RowTech Solutions has been a game-changer for my training. With their sensors, I've been able to fine-tune my technique and take my performance to new heights!" - Athlete 

"Our entire team has benefited from RowTech's innovative technology. Being able to track our athletes' progress in real-time has revolutionized our coaching approach." - Head Cocah

"As a professional rowing coach, I highly recommend RowTech Solutions to all athletes serious about improving their performance. Their sensors provide invaluable insights that can't be matched." - Coach


The entire system consists of several closely interconnected elements to provide a comprehensive solution. 


Manage your data as you want - download, or connect it with your system over a cutsom API. 

Multipurpose sensors

Use our sensors during rowing on water and after on your ergometer. 


We are here to support your journey in the rowing word.

 How does it works? 

Oarlock force & angle sensor

Glued on existing oarlock

Angular range with 0.5° accuracy

100 samples per second sample rate

Bluetooth 5.0 connection

Calculates POWER in W

Ergometer sensor

Travels on the erg's chain

Measures the pulling force

Measures the velocity and dispacement

Calculates POWER in W

Data collector unit

Sitting on the top of the boat

Synchronize Oarlock sensors (8)

10 sample per second GPS

Measures boat tilt and acceleration

Real time data transmission

Integrated worldwide internet access